We are glad you are here, and hope you will come back often. Feel free to surf around and see if you like what is on my site. Taajir means Trader, Merchant, Businessman, Businesswoman, Entrepreneur! TAAJIR International is a new business venture of Ahmadkamal Makrani that is now offering Business Consultancy Services alongwith Sales and Marketing Assistance to Producers and Exporters on global scale!

Makrani has a well-established reputation as a dependable business partner. He is in International Business for over 40 years. The main activity of Makrani and his Associates is to assist business people in their Marketing and Business Development activities.

Ahmadkamal Makrani has built up a wealth of experience, especially in Pakistan but also in UAE where he also has a small setup since the end of 1997.

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Other Important Contacts:

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Khurrum Kamaal +92-334-394-8583
AbdulBasit Makrani +92-333-366-2525